Limitless Possibilities

Revolutionize Your Printing Workflow with fabs Custom Shop Solution

the tailor-made platform crafted for franchise systems, conglomerates, and businesses with expansive networks that operate at multiple locations. Unify, automate, and accelerate your print processes like never before.


A Custom Print Shop

Your Adventages

  • Unified Catalogue

    Streamline your printing processes by bundling all your printed products into one organized and easy-to-navigate platform.

  • Automated Efficiency

    Our platform automates repetitive processes, from order placement to fulfillment, ensuring smooth workflows while eliminating unnecessary labor.

  • Customizable Storefront

    Reflect your brand identity with a custom shop interface. Tailor the aesthetics, layout, and user experience to mirror your brand’s style.

  • Franchise Empowerment

    Empower every franchisee or individual location with the ability to access, select, and order the printed materials they need, when they need them. Centralized, yet flexible.

  • Clever Tools

    Let managers edit predefined areas of the printed products, like the address of their store. This way, you don’t have to manually adjust the same things over and over again while still guaranteeing everything to follow your company’s CI.

  • Real-time Analytics

    Stay informed and make data-driven decisions. Our platform provides real-time insights into orders, trends, and inventory levels, giving you a clear overview of your printing operations.

  • Seamless Integration

    Our shop solution integrates effortlessly with your existing systems and even suppliers, ensuring a smooth transition and interoperability, maximizing efficiency, and minimizing disruptions.

  • Dedicated Support

    Navigate your digital transformation with our team by your side. From setup to day-to-day operations, we’re here to assist, guide, and ensure your success.